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Can I Save Money By Harvesting Rainwater?

image of the earthThat depends. If you only have one rain barrel and only fill it infrequently then no, you won't save money. Fortunately, you can connect many rain barrels together. Each rain barrel's capacity is 55 gallons. Daisy-chain four rain barrels together and you have 220 gallons of water stored for the dry summer months.

Another choice is to buy a large water storage tank. We offer a variety of larger water tanks from 500 gallons to 2500 gallons or more. If you are interested in a large storage tank, contact us and we can come out for a free consultation.

The more water you can store the less water you will need to use from your local water source.

A rain barrel is not the only way to harvest rainwater. You can collect a significant amount of water by using large water tanks or an underground cistern. In fact you can go completely off the water grid and say goodbye to your water bills. Check out this article from Mother Earth News for more information.

Portland Clean River RewardsThere may be another way for you to save money by harvesting rainwater. Some communities offer a stormwater utility discount. You will need to contact your local utility in order to determine if they offer a discount program. Portland, Oregon has a program called Clean River Rewards. Visit their website at Portland Online to learn more.

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