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Why Harvest Rainwater?

Rain water is a vastly under-used natural resource that we often take for granted. There are many reasons to collect rain from your roof. Because rain water is a naturally soft water devoid of chemicals such as chlorine it is healthier for your garden, landscape and indoor plants. By harvesting rain, you will create a smaller impact on your municipal water source and reduce the amount of water you contribute to storm runoff. During the rainy months you can use the overflow on your rain barrel to divert water away from the storm system and into a permeable surface.

Collecting rainwater is an age-old concept that is increasing in popularity today. As our water supply becomes less and less secure due to mismanagement, overuse, contamination and over population, it is clear that harvesting what falls from the sky is not only viable but necessary now.

The benefits of collecting rainwater are numerous. It reduces the demand on the municipal water supply. It allows for storage of seasonal rains for use in off-peak times. Harvesting systems reduce erosion, property flooding, and contamination by reducing the majority of runoff from businesses and homes. Reusing water also saves huge amounts of energy as around 45% of all energy use in urban areas is from water pumping and treatment. Your plants will thank you too as rainwater is free of chemicals and hard minerals.

Rain can be collected in many ways from the most simple to extremely elaborate and complex systems. An ideal way to get started is the use of a rain barrel, but if space and money are a consideration, 5 gallon buckets and old trash cans can do the job in a pinch. Just remember that where there is water there are mosquitos and the potential for children, pets and wildlife to be trapped. Use caution and common sense. Remember, every drop counts.

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